The Pawsome Stork

Ideally, I would win the lottery and embrace a Brigitte Bardot lifestyle: surrounded by as many rescued animals and as few people as possible. However, in the absence of a winning ticket and since I can not personally rescue every cat and dog who needs a family, I created The Pawsome Stork with the mission of helping you to find and adopt or foster them.

I focus on UK, Ireland and wider Europe based animal rescues and charities searching for forever or foster homes for the cats and dogs in their care, and I primarily share the animals’ stories and information links. I also share events and fundraisers; calls for volunteers, sponsorship or other assistance; general animal care advice for owners and other animal related news.

The Pawsome Stork is independent and not affiliated with any charity or other organisation. I am a one-woman-band and do this voluntarily, health permitting. Please visit @thepawsomestork on Twitter, and thank you for following and retweeting my posts. If The Pawsome Stork achieves even one introduction that leads to a cat or dog finding his or her forever home, this endeavour will have been successful.