Customer Feedback: Paintings

Beautiful artwork! Jeanette's ladies are colorful and show lots of emotion. K Banks, USA

This painting was even more beautiful in person. I'm absolutely delighted with it. J Benner, Sweden

Beautiful piece of art and colours. S Bligh, UK

I so love this painting! Jeanette is such a talented artist and the painting is even better in person. G Brizuela Cabal, Argentina

I purchased a wonderful acrylics painting from Jeanette. I live in the US and Jeanette did a wonderful job of ensuring that the painting got to me safely. Jeanette is a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Jeanette. K Haynes, USA

I loved this painting from the minute I saw it. Jeanette timed the delivery to suit me and communicated regularly until the painting arrived. S Lloyd, UK

This is a beautiful work of art that I am enjoying every day. It's more complex than it looks in the picture. I love it. M Ryan, USA

Absolutely stunning piece, even better in the real. I love it so much, thank you. A Stassen, Australia

What a lovely piece! I am surprised by the details I discover. The pictures don't do the artwork justice. I am very happy with this Smile! Thanks a lot for your art! N van den Boom, Netherlands


Customer Feedback: Jewellery

Gorgeous handmade earrings - beautiful colours and craftswomanship! Very happy. M Hazell, UK

Wearing this necklace makes me so happy! Well made and fun! P Johnson, USA

These lovely earrings arrived from the UK beautifully and safely packaged. They are just lovely; so light to wear, I love them and they will be favourites. They are so well made; really excellent work. K Lakie, Australia

I love my new earrings! Super fast and super friendly (service). M Visser, UK


Student Feedback: Teaching

Jeanette is that unique combination of talented artist and awesome instructor. Not only does Jeanette produce spectacular works of art but she has the knowledge and communication skills to teach you how to create too! She is smart, funny, and kind. She doesn't just teach you how to reproduce what she is making but actual skills that you can carry into all of your creative adventures. Jeanette helped to launch my creative journey and I am so very grateful. R Couillard, USA

I think my favourite class I've done with Jeanette is "Paint What You See" in 2013. It pushed me right out of my comfort zone of getting every little stroke of paint exactly where I wanted and the composition 'just so'. This class made me lay down paint and shapes without thinking about it too much and then really look at it... until I 'saw' something in the mess of paint. This was early in my painting career and it was an invaluable technique. In other classes she has taught me other things but I think this was my all time favourite. K Lakie, AUS

I loved how clearly you explained the processes, made me feel at ease and able to try anything. G Morley, UK